So lately I’ve noticed my political ideology shifting some once again.

Over the years, I’ve gone from conservative to moderate to liberal to conservative to libertarian, and now once again I’ve felt the tides shifting. It’s nothing dramatic, but it’s definitely been a change: Ideologically, right now I’ve been fancying myself fairly conservative with a pinch of libertarianism for flavor.

I decided to put my assumptions to the test, though, so I Google-searched “political ideology quiz” and came across this political compass test I’ve taken before and consider pretty reliable. And so I decided to take it again. Here are my results:

Just as I suspected :]

It probably shouldn’t as much as it does, but it just really bothers me when I don’t know what to consider my own set of beliefs. I don’t need an Official Title with Capital Letters, but I at least would like to know where I kind of¬†fit in on the spectrum. I don’t know if this insecurity is more personal or society, but at any rate it is an insecurity I deal with. But now I know again, so it’s okay. Identity crisis averted.

Anyway, I was wondering where you all fall on the political spectrum, my lovely followers. You should take the test, too, and share your results! Whether you’re a Marxian socialist or a Coultercore conservative, I’m fine either way. Just curious to know!

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Posted on May 21st at 1:52 AM
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  1. casualcolloquialism said: (-3.75, -4.51) … which is almost the same place as the Dalai Lama? I’m getting more liberal as I grow up. I used to be dead center.
  2. monalisafrank said: (-7.75, -7.38). So really, really liberal.
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