So my visiting teachers scheduled with me to come over this morning since that was the only time our schedules lined up, and as I woke up and brushed my teeth in the not-so-early-but-I-was-tired hour of 8:50 am, I very much so regretted agreeing to it. But I knew that wasn’t the right attitude to have, so I said a prayer about it, then sat and waited.

And you know? I kind of wish I could start every day with my visiting teachers now.

Their thought focused around charity and loving others even when you don’t want to and relying on Relief Society as the sisterhood it is, not just another class. And it was brief and spiritual and exactly what I needed to hear :] Plus they brought tiny muffins.

Yay visiting teaching! SO MANY BLESSINGS! ALL OF THE BLESSINGS! Even if they just come by willingness to accept.

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Posted on March 30th at 9:28 AM
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